Georgetown speakers

Georgetown Series Speakers

Georgetown comes in multiple versions.

Wired and Wireless audio inputs

Solo and Stereo

The Retro Audio Workshop Georgetown series is a compact speaker system designed for to give you a traditional drive-in sound.

Fifteen watts drive the Georgetown’s 4" full range speakers. While we would not call these speakers HiFi, the shells are refurbished, original Drive-In vintage gathered from around the US (Reed, Simplex, Projected Sound, RCA, CBX Mark II, Eprad, Motiograph, Koropp). Refurbished, Cleaned up (or if you want the fresh from the field look, we can clear coat or leave them as-is) and ready for the theme restaurant, car show, cave, media room, office or cubical.

The line input (1/8 TRS) allows playback of smart phones, computers, CDs, MDs or MP3s. 

Listen to your favorite music without tethering yourself with the Georgetown UnPlugged portable speaker, which features a Bluetooth amplifier for simple wireless pairing with your Bluetooth devices.

Powered Retro Audio Workshop Georgetown Series Features at a Glance:

4" full range speaker
Speaker is driven by a 15W stereo amplifier
Dedicated volume control on the Wired version
1/8" TRS input on the Wired version
Bluetooth Wireless for the Georgetown UnPlugged

Specification               Detail

Powered                     Yes
Power Supply             15 volts
Input                            1 x 1/8" or Bluetooth
Manufacturer PN        Georgetown (1/8" TRS wired input)
Manufacturer PN        Georgetown UnPlugged (Bluetooth input)

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