Austin speakers

Austin Series Speakers

Austin comes in two versions or is it 4?

Wired and Wireless audio inputs

Solo and Stereo

The Retro Audio Workshop Austin series  is a compact 2-way speaker system designed for music.

20 watts drive the Austin’s 4" high-resolution speakers, while classic looks make this speaker a headturner for car shows, cave, dorm room, office or cubical.  We use a wide variety of classic originaldrive-in speaker housings collected from around the US.

The line input (1/8 TRS) allows playback of smart phones, computers, CDs, MDs or MP3s. 

Listen to your favorite music without tethering yourself with the Austin UnPlugged portable speaker, which features a Bluetooth amplifier for simple wireless pairing with your Bluetooth devices.

2-Way Powered Retro Audio Workshop Austin Series Features at a Glance:

4" high-resolution speakers
Speaker is driven by a 20W stereo amplifier
Dedicated volume control on the Wired version
1/8" TRS input on the Wired version
Bluetooth Wireless for the Austin UnPlugged

Specification               Detail

Powered                     Yes
Power Supply             20 volts
Frequency Range       80Hz-18kHz
Input                             1 x 1/8" or Bluetooth
Manufacturer PN        Austin (1/8" TRS wired input)
Manufacturer PN        Austin UnPlugged (Bluetooth input)

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