A Little About Us

Retro Audio Workshop started designing audio equipment for recording studios, musicians, artists, engineers and producers in the early 1980's.

Retro Audio Workshop has grown into a business serving the audio community with very high quality, high performance audio equipment and accessories.

Our focus continues to be on excellence in sound quality with an iconic look.

We hand assemble all of our audio equipment. We only use the best components with modern circuit topology.

We all look for that something in a performance that touches someone's spirit. We design audio looking for that something that moves people. The most important element for us is the performance, all of it. Retro Audio Workshop designs audio equipment to bring you to the original experience. We want it to feel the vocalist is singing. They are so close that you can feel the warmth of their breath.

We have worked with:

Johnny Cash, Rodney Crowel, Willie Pevear, Steve Windwood, Glen Campbell, Nelson Larkin, 16th Avenue Sound, Johnny Ray Allen, Neville Brothers, Oak Ridge Boys, Charlie Daniels Band, Tom Kimmel, Willis Alan Ramsey, Richard Bennett, Even Stevens, Joe Cocker, John Guess, Vicktor Wooten, Rodger Nichols, Woodland Sound Studios, Billy Adair, The Garage, Fanta, Jacop's Ladder, Snake Reynolds, Elysan Fields, Michael Stipe, Rocky Schnaars, Peavey, Steven Durr, Stone Gossard, Boiler Room, Dreamhire, Daniel Lanois, Studio 19, Gary Morris, Jimmy Bowen, Innocence Mission, Battery Studios, Wynonna Judd, Bill Halverson, Cecil Womack, Denny Purcell, Waylon Jennings, James Stroud, Marty Williams, Underground Sound, Bennett House, Craig Newmark, Sound Kitchen, National University of Singapore, Kingsway, GML, Harbor Sound, SSL, Alison Rodgers, Garry Tallent, Castle, Billy Sherrill, Emmylou Harris, Bil VornDick, Malcolm Burn, Amek, Bob Dylan, Chris Stone, Felix Cavaliere, Flora-Bama, Janet Lopez, Lyle Lovett, Focusrite, Barbara Mandrell, Apogee, Miles Davis, Emerald, Eddie Rabbit, Mark Gray, Jo-El Sonnier, Imagine, Liz Story, Skywalker Ranch, Don Mann, Walter Becker, Power Plant Studios.

Our continuing aim is for ongoing research and development to provide the very best in innovative, well designed products.

Retro Audio | Brute - our Chief engineer


This is Brute, our "Chief" Engineer.

He likes to be called the Chief Engineer due to his fascination with all things Star Trek and the great mythic hero of legend and lore - Scotty. Brute is not neurotypical. As such, he believes all objects fall into two groups: things that need to be redesigned, and things that will need to be upgraded after he has had a little while to play with them. What Brute lacks in "EQ", he makes up for in cerebral imaging and problem solving (and on good days, actually working on designs and solutions in the physical plane). On those days, we normal humans have discovered it is always an excellent idea not to stand between him and the solution.

The Sisters or as we like to say - The Dynamic Duo.


Let us introduce Esme'. She has extraordinary multidimensional skills and is the definition of talent as defined by Webster in Noah's 1828 original. She takes nothing and creates something. Nothing! / Something!  It never fails to astonish us.  An idea is transformed to a delightful reality by her hands.


May we introduce Neville, her phenomenal sister.  She has the uncanny ability to present concepts and objects in ways that bend your mental constructs.  She makes the words - "I never thought of it in that way!" and "I have looked at it a thousand times but never seen it!" - dance in your mind. Ambrosial ideas flow in unceasing torrents.

We place important things in our products. We believe to truly innovate; we must consider not only our finished products but what goes into our products. Maria at Environmental Electronics Management helps us leave some important things out of our products and document what is left.

Many substances commonly used in the electronics industry can be harmful to people or the planet. So we design our products with cleaner, safer materials to reduce and eliminate these toxins.

Our products are California Prop 65 compliant, USA Conflict Minerals compliant, EU RoHS 2 compliant and EU REACH compliant. Not everything can be replaced. So we also reuse and recycle.

We have worked with Noble Machine Company in Nashville for over 30 years.   We do metal casting by hand and they do EVERYTHING else metal and rock our worlds while doing it.